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External and Internal  Time


Ascendant and Descendant Streams of Time


Point of Golden Time Equilibrium



Every person is a bearer of definite volume of space and time. Every person is a vivid capsule with its own characteristics of space and time. These characteristics are differ in different people, but always are in APR (Allowable Planetary Range). There are two kinds of time in any planetary system. They are external (outer) time and internal (inner) time. External time fastens to and reflects physical peculiarities of planetary arrangement, for example, its motion around the sun of a system and revolution around its own axis. Internal time is a time at which intelligent biological individuals inhabiting this planet live. At that, vectors of these two types of time are contra-directional. External time is disintegrated factor, tending to chaos by wearing of physical substance, integral time is a creative aspect, tending to Ordering and leveling of influence on substance, i.e. to Perpetuity. This phenomenon reflects the essence of opposite dualism, at which all the Universe is organized.


(Person) Living without time lives beyond the time.  Death, sicknesses, wearing of substance are possible only in one case in the Universe: if two types of time, as in space-time continuum as in an intelligent bio system, are not in the point of golden equilibrium. This is what is going on in the Earth now: mankind forgot about its own inner time, i.e. spirituality, and took a great interest in material, i.e. outer time.


Humanity, if it disengages itself from outer time and turns to inner spiritual time, immediately will find itself in a point of golden timed equilibrium. This is a point of harmony and balance; its attainment means a victory over outer time a mans enemy. Wearing if substance will be stopped Now, as one of the consequences of Space virus of the Fall, humanity is in a spin descending stream of evolution, in a captivity of outer time. It is similar to a plane occurring in a spin and being not able to level and gain altitude. Fall is continuing, but the Earth is closer and closer. Forthcoming quantum leap is the only opportunity to avoid a destruction of the whole civilization, i.e. to turn in the whole planetary scope to ascending timed stream and to inner spiritual time in individual order. Evolution in ascending stream is wonderful: it is not energy expended, i.e. time head resistance is missing. A man, like a falcon catching ascending air stream, is living in space-land of Being.


This perspective is accessible for people already now. It is necessary simply to abstract from outer time and turn to inner time. Later, with attaining of a point of golden timed equilibrium, time, as such, will lose physical sense for an individual.


When a person remembers about pleasant moments from his past or thinks about happy events in the future, present course of time for him stops. Remembering these standard states from the past, a man anew goes through this reality. Correspondingly, all range of energies and feelings rises again in such moments. 

It is typical that at such moments transition across time contours is carried out automatically, and timed slowing down (energy transfer) from the past to present occurs also automatically. 

All people experience this wonderful state when remember about marvelous moments of their life. It is true: such moment is equal to eternity. But, unfortunately, in everyday fuss a man does not pay attention to such things; and after that he is surprised why he has bad health and he is aging. Learn to abstract from time, this is your pass to Immortality and Eternity! More often remember about good; and never, remember, never let into your consciousness memory about bad things in your life. Think about future only in wonderful colors. Think marvelously! 

Remember, virus of the Fall and 2 strands DNA in every possible way keeps you from cognition of the truth. But it becomes a thing of the past. Know that when you remember about good things in the past or think about good things in the future, it becomes for you the present! In these moments you attain a golden timed equilibrium a state of harmony with time. At that time your organism starts to rejuvenate, immune system strengthens, purification and regeneration of the cells is taking place. Your thoughts, mood and feelings are your life and your health.







Space distortion.  Factors of space convexity and concavity.


Space and time are  specific forms of energy. Therefore, they might be programmed: i.e. the characteristics of space-time continuum might be represented and changed. Space and time energies exist by separate space laws of four-dimensional physics. These energies are not constant and have characteristic of variability. With manipulations with energies of space and time it is possible as a creation of on principle new reality as a modification of already existed one.


Density of energies of space is not the same on the Earth. There is a law in its scheme of spreading. Energy of time and space spreads on the Earth by a scheme: but about that later. Space of our Universe is deflected. This is a fundamental characteristic of space energy, permissive to use it for form - building Worlds Creation.


Deflection may be direct and reverse. Direct deflection is called a convexity (prominence); reverse deflection is called a concavity. Worlds and Anti Worlds are organized by the Law of Adequate (mirror) Inter reflection. If our world is convex, parallel world is concave. That is an axiom of worlds creation in the Universe.


In local scope concept of factors of a convexity and concavity is used. The higher is a value of one of deflections the more density has this zone of space.


Space portals are in the places of the Earth where factors of deflection are practically equal to zero, i.e. density is practically lacking; and it means that resistance of space is lacking either. Such places are situated in the regions of Pyramids and Hexahedrons; from them it is easy possible to turn into other dimensions. These places correspond to Passing Space Portals (PSP) of the Earth. A man is able to influence upon an extent of space energy distortion, it means that he is able to govern over his reality. If a factor of convexity is not equal to zero, space is pulling out, if less than zero a factor passes to concavity and space is contracting.


The Lords and Arbiters of Karma on the Earth for manipulations with a reality for the purposes of execution of the Law of Karma actively use this property of changing of the meanings of space deformations, together with time.





Spreading of Time and

 Space Energy on the Earth



Ancient initiates are not unfoundedly called our three-dimensional continuum maya illusion. Only now we start to recognize physical sense of this illusion. So, time and space are a specific form of energy. They are indivisible, reflect a philosophical concept of reality of the Universe and cannot exist one without another.


Life on the Earth is possible due to chain of Spiritual suns, having a beginning in the Center of the Galaxy a point of rolling (for the earth observer) of time and space. Control and energy informational feeding of all objects of the Galaxy are descended from this central point of the Galaxy. It is realized through Galaxy Beam, reminiscent our co-axial feeder with great number of separate wires. The Galaxy Beam descends to the Earth through great number of synchronizing portals, the last of which is our Sun. Every portal modulates and products (reduces) frequency of vibrations of the Galaxy Beam, making it accessible to frequency of vibrations of environment of lower plane. The Sun is a retransmitter of the Galaxy Beam of our Solar system that directly connects with the closest hierarchical portal Pole Star and Sirius. The roles are: the sun distributes the Galaxy Beam energy between the planets of the Solar system. The Galaxy Beam enters the core (crystal) of the S, where its energy is distributed to the Suns own needs and also to all planets through separate planetary portals. Exactly in the Pole Star Crystal there is a source of our time and space, and also a matrix of genetic initial code of humanity. These attributes are relay - race transmitted by a precession circle from constellation to constellation.


Thus, time and space energy is emanated from Pole Star, passed through the Sun portal and entered in the earth through the North Pole, come across the Earth Crystal (core) and

got out through the South Pole back to the Sun and to Pole Star. A moment of passing of energy through the Earth core corresponds to permanent time, to the core to future, after the core to the past. Energy channel of time (timed channel) has outer and inner layers. If inner layer passes through the Earth core, outer layer passes through the Earth surface. In the point of the North Pole on Subtle Plane there is optical prism, dispersing energy of time by a range of its frequencies. Energies of upper range are coming to the Earth core; energies of the lower range are dispersing by the surface and lower layers of the Earth atmosphere. Routing of times energy occurs by the channels limited by the earth meridians, i.e. that we call time zones. By the way, entrance into the Earth space of monad bearers of humanity occurs through the North Pole and exit through the South Pole.


Circulation of space energy occurs in the same way but only through channels limited by parallels of the planet.




Transmission of Time and Space Waves



A scheme of spreading of time and space by the Earth is contained in Christian cross: vertical axis time, horizontal axis space. These energies are hierarchically structured as parallels and meridians. Zero meridian (Greenwich) is a counting off line of spreading time; similar is equator for space. Just from any point of Greenwich meridian and equator it is possible to work easy with time and space. The point of intercepting of zero meridian with equator is called the Earth golden portal, the point of practically zero resistance   of energies.


The Earth is a polyhedral crystal. Pay your attention to that the points of intercepting of parallels and meridians form quadratic geometrical figures. Viewing from above we see a base of a pyramid. This is the base of three-dimensional reality. Size of pyramids depends upon a constant or scale: 100, 1000 and so on. Vertex of these subtle pyramids base is in atmosphere, its mirror anti-vertex is in the earth depths. Our reality is only in the limits of these pyramids. When a person exceeds this limit he finds himself in the other reality. Height of vertex is equal to 144000 meters; depth is the same. Such are physical limits of our reality. Energy spreading in the points of a pyramids base takes place by the principle of quaternary honeycomb overlapping, in the middle there is a point of vertex projection.





Artificial Space Deformation


 a Tool of Karma Realization



The Earth three-dimensional space as well as its time is a specific type of Energy. There is the Mind (Logos) of Time and Space.


The great initiate A. Einstein postulated deformation, nonlinear nature of space and time. Actually, crookedness (curvature) is one of the characteristics of space energy.


As far as space is a specific form of energy it is possible to rule over it as well as over any other energy. Curvature characteristic of space, as well as time, is actively used by the Masters of Karma for observance of absolute execution of Space Law of causes and effects. Let us assume it is necessary to organize car accident. Two cars are moving with not great speed along a highway. Their trajectories intercept for a short period of time (for example, during overtaking); it is not enough for an accident and execution of Karma. That is why the following action takes place: Karma holders decreases space curvature factor, in result of this physical space is really decreased and collision takes place. In such a way air, car and especially marine accidents take place that are very difficult explained from the point of view of the earth logic.


Also, space has another the most important characteristic space density. Its index is constant for the Earth; however, there is a scale of deviations. Fluctuation of space density gives a possibility of coming out into the other dimensions without additional energy consumption. The most favorable places for it are Pyramids, Places of Force and Hexahedrons. Generally, Places of Force are localized states of substance with flexible (floating) factor of time and space. In other words, in Places of Force, Pyramids, Crystals, different Portals and so on constant characteristics of three-dimensional Being are unstable: it occurs an alternation (interchange) of the factors of timed density, speed and time curvature from one side and corresponding space characteristics from the other side. A mans short term stay in such places is very useful but very hard. In such moments accelerated transmutation of an organism and conditioning of an organism by fiery neutrino- torsion energies and space and time alternation, a man needs in Four-dimensionality, take place.










Time in the Universe has Central Point, in such a way it is possible to call it by the earth language. The Universes, the Galaxy, solar systems, planets and other heavenly bodies have this Point Time (Chronal) Crystal. Every heavenly object has its own time. Usually, time depends upon gravity of a body, i.e. upon its mass.


Galaxy Central Time Crystal (CTC) governs over time in all its systems. Central Spiritual Sun (CSS) and CTC are in one place, although, a word place is not right for sense transmission. CTC and CSS are not the same. CSS is a source of the Galaxy Force Beam and CTC if a source of Time beam. These Beams go parallel, but have different vibration and base. They are similar to different wires inside the unified force cable.


The Sun is for us the main portal synchronizer of Time Beam. Just from it stream of time goes to the Earth and enter receiving time portal the North Pole. Later on stream of time goes to the Earth center, where Time Crystal and the Earth Time Logos are. Time Mystery takes place here, expressing in that people experience only one time present. From the Earth center exhausted time the past goes out to the South Pole, later on the Sun and CTC. There is the following scheme: time is coming in the North Pole as the future, in the Earth center it becomes present and coming out through the South Pole as the past. This is the only tiny portion of time circulation in the Universe.


The Earth Time Structure (timed) reminds honeycombs with bee honey and principle of cellular connection. All the Earth is divided into zones of different dimensions connected with the Earth Time Crystal.


The most interesting is that time stream density or timed dispersion is not the same in out planet. Time fluctuations are small, that is why in everyday vanity a man does not notice it. However, many people already pay attention to that time in the different points of the Earth flows in differently. Correspondingly, wearing influence on substance is different everywhere.


There are places on the planet where timed stream density is minimal; it is accepted to call such places as time portals, as from them it is possible to travel across the time without difficulties. On the contrary, there are places where timed density is highest possible. Usually these are zones of karmic work-off and big cities. In such zones substance wearing goes rapidly and people grow old fast.


The main point that is necessary to know and what for the time present we will have to believe in is: received Time Logos initiation A MAN CAN GOVERN OVER COURSE OF TIME. And the other one: many factors influence upon physical properties of time: temperature (the lower temperature the slower time), height (the higher height the slower time) geological deformations and so on. Also, during magnetic storm and atmospheric perturbations course of time may be distorted. We do not pay our attention to it because we have nothing to compare.


Thus, on our planet a density and a course of time are unsteady and subject to a mans influence.




Addendum to Inner Time



When a man remembers about the pleasant moments of his past or think about happy events in the future course of time stops for him at present. Remembering standard states of the past a man goes through this reality again. Correspondingly, all range of energies and feelings renew again at such moments.


It is typical that at such moments transmission through time contours is carried out automatically, and timed slowing down (energy transmission) from the past into present is carried out automatically either.


All people experience wonderful state when remember about marvelous moments of their lives. Really, such moment is equal to eternity. But, unfortunately, in everyday vanity a man does not pay attention to such things, and after that he is surprised why he has bad health or he grows older. Learn to abstract from time, this is your pass to Immortality and Eternity! More often remember about good; and never, remember, never let into your consciousness memory about bad things in your life. Think about future only in wonderful colors. Think marvelously!



Remember, virus of the Fall and 2 strands DNA in every possible way keeps you from cognition of the truth. But it becomes a thing of the past. Know that when you remember about good things in the past or think about good things in the future, it becomes for you the present! In these moments you attain a golden timed equilibrium a state of harmony with time. At that time your organism starts to rejuvenate, immune system strengthens, purification and regeneration of the cells is taking place. Your thoughts, mood and feelings are your life and your health.





 Space - Time Travel:

Ideology Compendium



The Universe is multi dimensional and multi planed. So is a man. Microcosm is the same as Macrocosm. Transition of a man in the space of the Universe is possible with the same speed as the speed of transference of neuro chemical impulse in a mans organism.


So far we will consider a transition in mental body across mental space or quantum teleportation of consciousness.


Each of a mans seven bodies corresponds its vibration plane. Thus, our consciousness corresponds to the plane of mental substance, physical bearer of which is torsion fields. At quantum mental teleportation transition of a mans mental body takes place. As a result of 2 strands DNA a man can consciously control only one reality at the same time. That is why teleportation occurs in meditative alpha state.


At present time mental transition are conducted mainly for familiarization and informational purposes to look by him and to show him.


It should bear in mind that it is absolutely unnecessary to teleport physical body. A parson is multi sided and simultaneously intellectually exists in several realities.


To make instant transition in space it is necessary:


1.      To find and enter Zone of Extra-space Vacuum (ZEV) or Anti-space Arc (see Supplement).


2.      Tune in an object of transition. It needs only to think about it and visualize you here. Thats it. As soon as you visualize yourself wherever, being in Anti space Arc, you find yourself in this point. Exit into ZEV is through the Earth Crystal.


For making a transition across time it is necessary:


1.      Come out into Zone of Extra space Vacuum (ZEV) through the Earth Crystal.


2.      Transit into necessary timed point in the past or in the future regarding to a scale of gradation.


Transition of consciousness is possible by instant jump. Combined transition across time and space is possible either. For this, first of all it is necessary to create celestial channel course. After that to conduct superposition of Extra space Arc with Zone of Time vacuum and to make all actions described above. Transition in ZEV and Arc is necessary to do simultaneously.


This is a very complicated manipulation; and we in every way recommend you to polish all methods separately.


It is very important always to remember: anchoring and timing with the Earth is always necessary!


The other method is as follows: transition is made in space, and after that, being in necessary place, do a transition in time through local Time Logos. Actually it is very inconvenient, although possible, and reminds a voyage from Moscow to Kiev through Vladivostok.



Timed Space Teleportation of a Matter.



There are different methods of substance transition. It is necessary to bear in mind that teleportation of a man is, first of all, teleportation of his consciousness. Substance transportation object, is made mainly for a changing of its physical characteristics.


One from the methods is transference of an object in space by Zone of Extra space Vacuum. At this transference automatic transference in time takes place because our continuum consists of energy of time and space. Assume that your TV is broken, and you transfer it in the continuum point when it was working. Returning it to that place where it was at that time, you automatically change its timed characteristics: the Earth at that time was in definite space configuration relatively heavenly bodies.


The other method is timed teleportation transference of an object (better its informational matrix) in the point of time when it (TV) was working through Zone of Extra time Vacuum. Similarly, time teleportation takes place automatically.


There is another method to repair your TV. Model of given brand and given series has matrix of perfect state perfect state of an object. These matrixes are situated in the specific place in the World of Causes. If you can reach this level you will get a power over substance.


It should be known the following. When you transfer info matrix of an object in the past, you make a substitution of time energy. But what are time and space? This is information plus energy.


Information is energized sequence of coded symbols. In other words, to change substance it is necessary to change the information about it in it itself and around it. All Universe is energy informational field. Transference of material object by time or space is made with only one purpose changing and projected substitution of information about it. At that, it has to be happened on the level of the World of Causes; otherwise effect will be temporary, i.e. changing object in some time will return into primary state.


Work in the World of Causes with perfect state matrixes is aerobatics of three-dimensional Being. Before it is necessary to learn flying on little heights to become proficient in timed space teleportation techniques.












Time and space energy is primarily neutral. A man by his thought emanations fills corresponding zones of space-time. Idea about own space-time continuum is not so far from the truth.


Space and time consist of tiny indivisible structures chronoids and spacioids.  Chronoids (time) and spacioids (space) are subtle matter energy informational substance building material of three-dimensional reality. They have a form of holographic dodecahedrons (12 sided polyhedron), similar to the structure of honeycomb. Each side of dodecahedron corresponds to corresponding space-time contour. Thus, 12 forms of being can exist simultaneously in our reality.


Structure of space and time is holographic, i.e. each particle has full information about the whole system.


Chronoids and spacioids are DNA of three-dimensional reality. They have super high informational absorption they might absorb information like a sponge. Every unity of volume brings in itself definite density of human thought-forms. Human thoughts are not only accumulated and formed the Earth mental plane, but are condensed in specific places of space. Phenomenon of sacred spaces is but strong and stable thought-form of a Saint or prophet who had super strong thought creation ability and programmed space in such a way. Such though-forms bring, as a rule, in themselves vibration of Light and Love. A person, getting into Sacred Places, goes into a contact with this thought-form and gets specific spiritual experience, caused by beneficial influence of high energies. If this person is highly spiritual, i.e. has high frequencies of auras vibrations, his frequencies coincide with thought-form vibration of Saint, and huge increasing of energy takes place due to resonance.


Space and time is a place of residence of a mans thought-forms, similar to electrons are a habitat and conductor of electric current.


Our reality has established set of physical constants: acceleration of free fall, gravity, speed of light and so on. But a reality is formed from two components: constant and variable (changing). A person is a creator of variable components of reality. Assume that there is a specific zone of space where your house is, and you are permanently thinking in this zone. Higher Entities do not see rough illusionary low frequency reality, they see our world only through astral-mental print our thoughts and emotions.


Time and space are spreading on the Earth wavy, similar the circles from stone broken in the water. Space and time are contra directional: they spread in direct (straight) trend as well as in reverse (opposite) trend. At that, in both cases spreading has progressive motion. That is why a man as a Bearer and a Keeper of Space and Time exists simultaneously in the past and in the Future. Present time as such does not generally exist.


Space and time are physical values of a specific form of energy that is why they are finite. There is definite reserve of time and space energy in the Earth Crystal. A man, being born, takes for utilization some quantity of this energy that after that will be used in the purposes of the Space evolution. Space and time are ideal bearers of information; they are separate hierarchical realm of the Creator. We simple use them and evolve together. With what a person will fill his time and space, given to him for living, depends only upon him. One might say that a person dies when he works out (or master) all reserve of his space and energy.


Limit of the Earth population is 6,666,666,666 individuals. If it will exceed, theyre simply will not be a sufficient quantity of time and space. Passing away, a man returns his space-time capsule in Personal Logoic Matrix (PLM) in the Earth Crystal. Informational selection and purification take place there; in result a capsule becomes neutral and ready for later use for service of the other monad bearers incarnation. Life experience, accumulated by a man, in full volume is transferred and written into Monad Memory Zone. 


Next time we plan to acquaint you with the results of our researches of Reality.




Instead of  Conclusion


Question to the Teacher: How to attain Christ likeness?


Answer: To gain a victory over the World and surrender to it for crucifixion.



November 2001


New Age Masters & The FireLion



Channeled by Vlad Bulgakov, Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine


Translated by Lyubov Podlipskaya, New York, USA


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